On-site & Event Share Bikes

If you're looking for the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything bike, then our share bike is the bike to hire in Adelaide. The bike is designed to help you conquer the urban environment, from exploring our great city to riding along the Linear Bike Path to our beautiful long white beaches.

This bike features a lightweight alloy frame with adjustable seat post to suit riders of all sizes. The Shimano Nexus 3-speed internally geared hub gives you 3-speeds to choose from, but with the simplicity of a single-speed drivetrain. That's because there are no messy derailleurs or gears to work with - all the gearing is housed inside the rear hub.

Universal Size

Suit rider height: One size fits all

* Adjustable seat height
* Front Basket
* Mudguards
* Front & Rear Lights
* Inbuilt lock
* Puncture proof tyres
* Shimano Nexus 3 speed (internal hub)
* Helmet

* Minimum of 2 day bike hire ($100 including free delivery)
* Click rates for hire periods greater than 2 days